I am sure you have or are about to received your TRIM Notices in the mail, this is the letter you receive every year explaining to you what your taxes are going to be in that year.

You have until September 20, to argue your property values and appeal to the county’s Value Adjustment Board, or VAB or your may call 311 on any questions in your truth-in-millage notice or you can go to the property appraiser’s office to discuss your current assessments before deciding to appeal. However if you are not too familiar with the process you can always hire someone to do it for you.

If you plan to meet with the property appraiser’s staff you should bring to the interview documents such as appraisals, photograph and insurance claims and any paperwork that could support your case for a value reduction. The valuation board has been busy in recent years with more property owners choosing to appeal their taxable values. Municipalities are to meet in September to set final budgets. Their new fiscal year begins October 1.

The TRIM notices show the dates and locations of budget hearings for the various municipalities. The state requires that the property owners receive this notice prior to getting their final tax bill to have an estimate of how much they have to pay in property taxes.

I hope this information is valuable to you.

Best regards.

Florence Saade